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You are part of a DIVINE Plan
But do you know what it is? Find it here.

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You are a Divine Being. Find out how the Divine Plan web site can help you reach all that you are capable of becoming.

Learn more about yourself by participating in each area of our spiritual circle. Take the Free Personality Analysis, then follow the path and learn about your own Personality Profile.

Highlighted each month, view Famous People's Personality Profiles, many who have served as role models. Learn about the traits they chose, then compare the characteristics with your own.
Also each month, come to Divine Guiding Messages for inspiring passages. Catalyze and help yourself and others...check out the Light Spectrum For Healing and the DIVINE Mother offering love and solutions to today's challenges.

The Prayer Network provides a meeting house of exchange with prayers you need or those you would like to send. Go to the Divine Plan site in the center of the circle to see the bigger picture of life. And don't forget the Tapes and Gifts section, because material tools can help lead us to more spiritual awakenings. Many blessings to you.

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Mattie Peterson, RN Hello, I'm Mattie. Through events that happened earlier in my life and by the DIVINE voice that provides spiritual wisdom you are reading about, I humbly give you my service so that you and others can experience the joy and awareness that come from all aspects of enlightenment. more about ...Mattie Talk personally with Mattie on the Chat Page or Email her. She appreciates any testimonials concerning topics on this web site, feedback from individual profiles or other areas that have promoted awareness.

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Inner Hearing

Inner HearingLearn to hear Divine messages internally. One of the most important missions of the DIVINE Plan web site is to teach you how to develop the ability to have "Inner Hearing." Through this brief introductory lesson, you will learn the simple techniques that have enabled participants attending Mattie's courses to converse with the DIVINE within. We are all capable of receiving daily Divine intervention verbally. Don't go another day without the highest form of assistance and guidance.

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  • Who are you?
    How to have your individual Life's Personality Profile done

    Everyone wants to know more about who they are so they can improve the course of their life. Your individual profile will offer insight about your spiritual age, the personality pattern you have chosen before birth, including your primary personality type, color and six other traits. There will be explanations about what these traits are to you and how they influence the way you make decisions, your direction in life, habits and talents, to name a few.

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