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When I began to receive this information that you see throughout the DIVINE Plan, I was told spiritually that the messages I was to give to others was only half of life's task. I also needed to teach people how to acquire what I received.

Those whom we call psychic, or gifted individuals who are in touch with the "heavens", all have attributes of spiritual assistance obtainable to anyone. Many thousands of years before the lives we have today, we had the capabilities of instinctive "knowing". There have been times throughout history that people believed it was possible to talk to GOD, the DIVINE, the Highest Self, and many did fluently. From gradually learning through generations of tradition to only pray outwardly, we would seek the answers to our prayers by waiting for visible signs in the events that occurred before us. Although we have forgotten what we were previously capable of, we are now ready to remember what we had all along: the ability to converse with the DIVINE and those of the "heavens".
Our body is like a radio.....
and inside are stations you can tune into, similar to the way we "tune into" our brain to retrieve thoughts and stored information. The brain is only one of many stations in the body capable of sending and receiving telepathic messages. Our focus will be on the heart, called Grand Central Station, the primary organ much like the brain, that is the key for establishing a two-way path of dialogue.

First, believe me when I tell you that total telepathy from one person's thoughts to another will be learned by many in the near future. In the beginning, I was incapable of even fathoming that I could hold a conversation with Masters throughout time and had no desire to do so. The thought doesn't occur to you to speak to spiritual helpers if you do not believe dialogue is possibile. However, you do not have to believe that you can have "inner hearing" to experience it. Secondly, you do not need to be adept at meditation, ESP, Zen-ness, or have a keen sense of faith to speak directly to the DIVINE.

You have stations in the body.....
that have been waiting all your life to be turned on. There are many pathways. Some people will have the ability to see in pictures. Others feel through heightened senses when these stations are awakened. Many will internally hear or use a combination of these pathways. Each of us is a little different, depending on our spritual practices and the traits we chose this lifetime. When we continue to utilize this path to awakening, using the sense or senses that feel best, "Exalted Progression" can begin. The process of elevated spiritual talents, blossoming into other areas, stems from that initial introduction to connection that anyone can feel comfortable with.

Let us begin the steps that turn on the radio.....
and connect us with the DIVINE universe of truth and knowing. You personally can receive answers to every question you can imagine.
The major pathway to inner dialogue, Grand Central Station, is the heart. Just like the brain, the heart is a vessel that has many functions. Anatomically it pumps blood throughout the body. The heart also sends electrical impulses to its own muscle that keeps itself alive. Just like their physical properties, the heart and all other organs have a spiritual connection as well as their physical function in the body. Many of you are aware of the practice of meditation and visions within the brain area. Spiritual hearing and other DIVINE qualities are capable of utilizing the heart as a vehicle, like the brain, to talk to those of "heaven". The heart is a very good place to find GOD/DIVINE because it is far removed and less influenced by the thoughts located in our mind.

O.K. shall we begin? -- Let's turn the radio on.
  1. Sit in a comfortable chair, both feet on the floor. Take a deep breath, exhale slowly, r-e-l-a-x. Don't shut your eyes even though you may be tempted to do so -- especially those who practive meditation. The process of "inner dialogue", once learned, occurs in a totally awakened state and can be assisting you every second and in each situation of your waking day. You are saying hello, conversing with the closest, most accessible friend and mentor you have ever known. Address the DIVINE with the name you are most comfortable with. Use that name when you address questions in your upcoming dialogue.

  2. Focus on your body -- now concentrate on your head, then move down through your neck and into your chest area. Take that focus in the middle of your chest and bring it a little to the left. Your attention is on the inside of your left chest area.

  3. Now I want you to bring your thoughts back to your head again. Focus on your eyes -- then bring your mental eyes down the left side of your neck and place your mental eyes into your heart. Go back up to your head. Focus on both your ears -- bring your mental ears down through the left side of your neck and place them inside your heart. Go to your mouth and throat region. Bring your mouth and voice through your neck and place them inside your heart. Your mental eyes, ears and voice are now within your heart. Draw them deeper into the center of the heart, away from the skin surface, and take another deep breath. Exhale slowly.

  4. Cup your left hand and place it palm up against your left chest, not under your breast but on your chest muscle. Your hand is cupped as if you are supporting a solid beam of light as it goes through your chest wall and enters your heart. Your hand's main purpose, in the beginning, is to keep yourself focused on the fact that you are having this awesome conversation with GOD/DIVINE. Envision your hand as a telephone receiver you are holding while you talk, and most importantly, listen.

Heart of HearingDon't be surprised if you find yourself forgetting that you are talking to the DIVINE -- I know it may seem impossible to forget -- but, your mind has created years of rambling banter and habitual chatter. Concentration will naturally improve with each dialogue.
  1. Let us begin the simple dance of inner dialogue. All of dance is composed of two simple acts -- step and don't step, left or right foot. As with your left foot then right foot, you merely question then listen; ask another question and listen again.

  2. Now, re-focus, position your left hand, take a deep breath in and out. We are now ready to ask a question. With your eyes open, even though you are not focusing on anything in front of you, concentrate on your heart where your mental eyes, ears and voice are placed. Go back through the process again if you need to make sure you are positioned for this next step. You are seeing with your eyes inside your heart; you are listening with your ears inside your heart; and you speak from your heart, literally.

  3. First, (addressing the DIVINE with the name you are most comfortable with) bring DIVINE/GOD into your heart by saying with your voice located inside your heart..."Come into my heart now __________". Repeat the request several times, focusing on your heart -- speaking and listening from the heart.

  4. Now ask the question..."__________, what is my purpose?" Repeat if necessary.

  5. With your inner ears in your heart, listen to the voice within answer.

  6. Once you receive an answer, no matter how small or soft, give thanks. Thanks "feeds" all and helps prepare you for more assistance. Continue to ask any question and let the lifelong dialogue begin. Notice how your heart feels after this lesson.

  7. If you did not hear internally, take a deep breath again, reposition your feet and repeat the process. Take time to focus inwardly, not outwardly.
What did you hear or feel?
We would love to hear about your experiences.
Please feel free to email us at
Divine Plan
We are all capable of inner hearing and dialogue. Pray for the ability and practice -- you shall have all aspects of the universe as close as your heart.
Go and teach others.

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Light, love and truth,
Mattie Carol Peterson

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