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Bouquet of Personality
We live within a bouquet, but exist also as the individual blossom.

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Your DIVINE Personality

We are an unfolding bud, who's fragrance remains hidden, until the petals are fully opened and its sweet aroma is revealed. Seek wisdom and truth through spiritual growth and recognition of self. Smell the fragrance of knowing, which is available to all of us.


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How you treat your personality traits is as important to improving and maintaining your health as the attention you give your physical body.

Your personality is composed of a set number of individual traits that you should attempt to improve throughout your life. If you do not work to keep your traits in balance, physical and mental illness can develop.

One of the best methods to take control of your life, other than eating well, exercise, and good spiritual practices, is to know who you are. Everyone on this earth has specific personality traits, creating the best combination of characteristics to help them with their individual life's path and purpose. The sum of all your traits is your Total Personality, unique to you and your circumstances, determing your future and of those you interact with.

How you function within your personality profile sets the stage to spiritual, physical, mental, financial, social and family fitness, just to name a few. You are your own destiny.

Matter and energy combined produces life. The body (matter) and the personality (energy) are the two primary areas of yourself that help manage and guarantee a better outcome for you today and in the future. The physical body constitutes what you are -- one-half of your make-up of the "matter" aspect of life. The other other half, the personality, is the "energy" aspect of your existence. Attempting to construct a life of rewards and well-being, without knowing who you are, is working with only 50% of the puzzle.

You can visibly see your body and how it functions through the mirror's reflection of your physical attributes. Now come view your beautiful, DIVINELY-created spiritual body by visualizing your individual personality. From your own character profile you will finally see a microscopic view of the guidelines that determine how you act the way you do and why.

Within each trait, your goal is the balance between absence and excess. The balanced mode of each trait is what produces beneficial and effective words and actions. The awareness of each trait allows you to realize when your character is slipping into excess--out of balance. A trait out of balance can be detrimental to your physical and mental health and to people around you.

Once you know the traits that make up your own Life's Personality Profile, you will see a greater picture of how you relate to others. How do your traits "match up" with your family members, spouse or loved ones? Which traits are different? Can one characteristic be identical to another but have completely different results by its usage? Realize what makes you tick and how you relate to others.

Mattie Peterson can accurately retrieve the inate pattern of anyone's personality. With her knowledge and guidance, she is able to help you discover the individual traits that make you so unique. Let her display for you what you should know about yourself -- the Total Personality you have selected to participate in this lifetime.

Allowing yourself to discover what makes you so special is a giant step toward improving every aspect of your life. Every person can control his or her destiny. Control destiny with your unique and DIVINELY-received Life's Personality Profile.

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