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The Four Orders of The Personality

Personality Orders
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The Personality Type Self- analysis

This self-quiz is a means of discovering the behaviors of you and those you interact with daily. Let this study reveal the basics of who you are and how to improve on what you can become. Find out your chief characteristics by checking the descriptive words that best describe how you feel and act.
  1. Study each set of four descriptive words in the first row. Think about what attributes and excesses apply to you.
  2. Select only one word that best describes you. Click on that box.
  3. Continue this procedure on each of the remaining rows of words.
  4. After completing the balanced and excess aspect of your self-analysis, click on the confirm button to reveal your DIVINE spiritual tendencies. (Click only once, the page might take a moment to load)

    Please note* If you have not completed a row, you will receive an error message. Simply click the "back" button on your browser, complete the empty row and click the "Confirm" button again.
The Order with the most checks is your primary Order. You will see that you are primarily one or two Orders and for some, a blend of several.

You will only be able to select one trait in each row.
  When I am in balance the word that best describes me is.............................
1. spontaneous determined diligent steady
2. diplomatic friendly cooperative loyal
3. observant accepting supportive realistic
4. expressive cultured gracious independant
5. creative adventurous analytical helpful
6. questioning acurate searching factual
7. disciplined efficient consistent diversified
8. social serving assisting team player
9. practical unique competitive systematic
10. interactive respectful persuasive patient
11. result-minded task-minded open-minded logic-minded
12.original conventional refined brave

  When I am out of balance (excess) the word that best describes me is......
1. critical gullible forceful stagnant
2. irresponsible bossy shy martyr
3. manipulative depressive show-off moody
4. uninvolved cynical demanding loud
5.impulsive regressive hyperactive stubborn
6. fearful over-anxious tactless controlling
7. unaffectionate narrow-minded spineless withdrawn
8.childish domineering revengeful insecure
9. hesitant arrogant rambling combative
10. picky intolerant lazy disorganized
11.wanting gambling miserly selfish
12.unpredictable deceiving conniving non-committing


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