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PRINCESS DIANA ( July 1, 1961 - August 31, 1997 )
Diana Frances Spencer George

The Chosen Role of Compassionate Feelings

This is a love story between a woman and the millions of people she served, the conflicts that arose when she did not focus enough love on herself, and the uniqueness in her ability to touch us individually. During her life as a princess, Diana was surrounded by riches but she carried out a belief that "everyone needs to be loved and understood compassionately."
Princess Diana

  Blending Ray
Lady Diana was born into a privileged family as the daughter of the 8th Earl Spencer and Lady Frances Althorp in Norfolk, England. On one hand, she was raised by nannies, separated from her parents by divorce and isolated from her sisters and brother when sent to boarding schools. Her life, in contrast, was filled with activities, friends and social events that "bred" her for royal status and community involvement.

Spiritual Age: Parented

(The transitional phases of an individual in spiritual development are (soul age): Nurtured, Adulted, Parented, Guardianed and Familied)

Diana's individual spiritual age is called the Parented Spirit. At this age the spiritual self, compared to a person's life span, is a young adolescent. Still living under the "watchful eye" of the Divine parent, the Parented Spirit is inherently involved with camaraderie, achievement, success and recreation. The Parented Spirit resembles an older adolescent craving social interactions and stimuli, preparing to leave the protective nest of the family.

Blending RayFirst Trait - Blending Ray
  • In balance: Stabalize
  • Out of balance or excess: Without Life
Diana's first trait determined how she made choices. In balance, this trait gave her a strong desire to stabalize all aspects of her life. Because of that pull, Diana's goals focused on the equilibrium between motherhood, attention to her nation, charity work and responsibility to her husband. Without effort to achieve balance in one's life, those with this trait in excess can become lifeless--at times lacking the desire to work towards stability and only existing. Through Diana's much publicized life, depression and immobilizing mental turmoil threatened at times her very existence.

Blending RaySecond Trait Your Primary Personality Type - Blending Ray
  • In balance: Saving Facts
  • Out of balance or excess: Scattered Knowledge
We all have one primary personality type that we continue to develop throughout all our lives on earth. Diana's primary personality type is called the Helping One. A Helping One, from the green Blending Ray, acts as a passive assembler to integrate the multiple levels of a dynamic population. As a Helping One, Diana became an icon as the commoner's princess. Even though raised with wealth and ceremony, her qualities of congeniality, enthusiasm, fun loving and unforgettable charm immediately put everyone at ease. As a Helping One, her main purpose through this green ray was to assist others in their path, thus fulfilling her own.

In balance, this trait allowed her to be a passive listener assisting people with soothing participation. People of the green ray have a special awareness for animals, social issues, the environment, sports, physical fitness, music and outdoor activities. A person's individual spiritual age can also determine the outlook and the method of participation involved with their interests.

In excess, this primary trait can lead to confused thoughts and tasks scattered in many unnecessary directions. As a Helping One in balance, Diana would be a calming non-threatening symbol for the people. Portraying a less dominant personality type, individuals with this green ray can exhibit shyness. Shyness was a challenge throughout her life. Eating disorders, such as Bulimia and Anorexia, are found more frequently in Helping Ones. Helping One's, like Diana who had episodes of Bulimia, can be passive and have difficulty sticking up for themselves or expressing their inner feelings. This repression can lead to quiet forms of verbal and physical rebellion.

Blending RayThird Trait - Blending Ray
  • In balance: Regimented Mannerisms
  • Out of balance or excess: Narrow Tactics
This trait determines abilities, produces discipline in one's life and the gift of established routines.

In balance, Diana set up a system that permitted her to accomplish many great tasks: traveling the globe, writing letters, calling on friends, serving her charities and dressing with stylized grace that became her signature trademark.

In excess, this trait becomes too restricted, limiting her scope to see another route. Her need for a routine that could not be achieved through her unhappy marriage and the "Diana phenomenon" of the people and media often led to a lack of control and unanswered cries for help.

Shining RayFourth Trait - Shining Ray
  • In balance: Identify Self
  • Out of balance or excess: Identify Want
Diana's fourth personality trait , which promotes measure, focused attention on her own interests, thus becoming the best resource. In turn, these interests helped others through her involvement. She concentrated on her own pleasures by relating to people and brought the world closer to their needs (balance). In excess, this trait can cause extreme desire for material possessions. Though at times her financial and lifestyle pursuit became extreme, she freed herself more of this longing later in her life, thus balancing this trait as she grew wiser regarding her life's path.

Direct RayFifth Trait - Direct Ray
  • In balance: Humble Giving
  • Out of balance or excess: No Self Focus
When combined with the next two traits, this measuring mannerism, in balance, gave Diana her heightened sense of serving. A desire to give through serving affects almost every thought of this individual. Starting at an early age, she would visit the elderly and mental asylum once a week on her own. She loved tending to those less fortunate. In excess, lack of self focus can occur. It is easier for those with this trait to habitually aid other's needs and ignore their own, sometimes leading to periods of low self esteem and self neglect. In severe cases, people can physically abuse their bodies when they lose sight of the fact that their health is important, as Diana did on occasion.

Developing RaySixth Trait - Developing Ray
  • In balance: Intense Awareness
  • Out of balance or excess: Excess Reliability
This is a somewhat rare trait that defines your direction, allowing you to throughly understand the needs of those around you. Diana, when acting in balance, was blessed by compassion and thoughtfulness that truly made her deeply indentify with each person's pain as well as joy. When in excess, Diana could excessively relate to others and "tune into" their moods, sucking her spirit, bringing her stress without reprieve.

Developing RaySeventh Trait - Developing Ray
  • In balance: Highest Relatable Feelings
  • Out of balance or excess: Unresolved Feelings
The sixth trait heightened her awareness and allowed Diana to feel with intensity.
Her final trait let her make decisions from the heart and enabled her to connect with the feelings of others. Diana's balanced trait embraced all those requiring care, even breaking the barriers associated with AIDS, leprosy, and those maimed from land mines. Her deep concern for each individual taught the world for which we will be forever blessed. However, when feelings in excess are absorbed and left unresolved we can become mentally, physically and spiritually ill. Do not wear the burden of excess feelings, but give them back through empathy.
A passive helper, placed within the eyes of the world, Princess Diana utilized her personality profile of Compassionate Feelings to teach us how to hold, touch and actively care for everyone on this planet. Let us all learn from this great individual how to give more with deepened love and tenderness.
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