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Divine Message
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DIVINE Guiding Messages

Guidance comes to us when we listen externally,
like the sound of the waves along the shore,
and internally, as the voice within the shell that echoes
...I am with you.


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Open yourself to the possibilities that the DIVINE of the universe is communicating to a select few through words similar to the ones you speak and hear everyday. If scientists believe that time in the past, present, and future is happening at once, then you may believe the DIVINE voice has never left you.

Two thousand years ago, humankind heard the voice recognized as GOD, DIVINE, or the Highest Aspect of Self, who spoke to individuals giving guidance and council. Many DIVINE Master Teachers, who walked on this Earth, have heard words of wisdom and taken these sacred works to share with others.

You will travel your own path through life and must find the messages within the teachings that are right for you. You possess the ability to have inner hearing, as well as inner insight. In everything that you do with external senses, you are as capable of experiencing internally.

Everyone serves as a teacher, in some form, to help and benefit others. In certain lifetimes, you will be able to teach spiritual lessons through insight. Absorb the DIVINE Messages through your skin. Inhale the beauty of the bouquet of wisdom and truth. Words are alive; they enter your body to heal and empower you through the greater knowledge of All. We are blessed by the many meanings of these enlightened words...enjoy.

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