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Light-Spectrum Healing

The DIVINE Light Rays
for Healing

We are both energy and matter, so is our means of healing. Light is energy, the physical touch is matter, combined... miracles occur.



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All of life's composition is energy and matter. Energy and matter are integrated into every configuration of the universe. Our bodies also have an interrelationship with every form of existence.

Just as there are two forces that combine to equal life, there are two integrating "spectrums" of healing. The Divine Healing teachings combine the matter-healing method-- the method that is known to many -- with the practices of energy healing using light.

Matter Healing

Many have tapped into the healing aspects of matter using the primary colors: yellow, red and blue. In these traditional practices, the chakra colors use the red ray as a lower vibration color and the violet chakra as the highest vibration.

Energy Healing

While the three earthly primary colors are yellow, red and blue, the primary colors of light-energy are red, green and blue. This new color wheel may be difficult to perceive due to old learning patterns starting with our first set of crayons. The three primary energy-healing colors of the light spectrum -- red, green and blue -- when combined produce white light.

Using the Light Spectrum

The order of color sequence in the light spectrum is the reverse of the earthly spectrum. In traditional chakra teaching, the violet is lightest or the upper color and red is heaviest and lowest color. Light-spectum study reveals an opposite array, with yellow and red colors on top (warm), blue and violet on the bottom (cool). Ultraviolet light, with "hard" short waves, can penetrate metal and the ocean depths. Infrared light, with long waves, is produced by heat. Blue light can cure infant jaundice, days after birth, when babies are placed under bilirubin lights.

Using the healing qualities of light-spectrum rays has produced phenomenal results. The goal is to have healers, therapists and those individuals who learn for their own benefit, combine matter-healing methods with the energy light rays of healing.

Since this Divine information on the healing rays has been shared and utilized, we have witnessed many extraordinary events within our own bodies as healers, and from those experiencing rejuvenation and healing.

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