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The light of the Divine Plan
"The Universal Creative
System of Life"


From the beginning of our existence, humankind has been an integral part of a unified and diverse picture -- of one and all. When time began, an all-knowing, forever- encompassing system was initially structured from a primal awareness. From this one system, two forces evolved from which life in every form was created: energy and matter. Every aspect of your spiritual and physical being -- as well as the trees, stars and the molecules around you -- all exist through the interrelationship of these two halves.

Energy and matter are integrated into all aspects of yourself -- areas you may not be aware of -- your behavior, the behavior of those around you, situations in the world, even the weather and forces of nature.

Every event occurs, whether it is the joyous birth of a newborn, a family argument, world peace or world war, with the results of these two forces trying to work in balance or unison.

When there is peace on earth, fields of grain grow abundantly and golden ages of prosperity begin. When people do not work in harmony all other elements around them "react" to the discord, producing famine, social and environmental stress, leading to world disasters.


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The DIVINE Plan of energy and matter affects us

There is an all-knowing life force that is more than one person, yet remains an integral part of each individual. Every object, as large as the universe or as small as an atom, has the blood source of energy and the bone and muscle source of matter. Since everything is made of the same " life substance," then all are related.

Universal Energy If you step back from your perceived reality, you can imagine one tiny cell, your physical structure, the earth, the trees, the sky and the universe, functioning as one all-encompassing living body.

This living structure is the DIVINE Plan

Just as your body functions within its own shell of skin and fluid, so do all aspects of your universe and beyond. You are an integral part of a DIVINE Plan where all things function within a larger enclosed system. A life of extreme drinking, yelling or meekness will in time affect your body's mental and physical health, just as the abuse or lack of assertive action to achieve balance affects the outcome of the All-DIVINE body.

Universal Man You live within an integral system that is a greater factor of yourself. Once you understand that the DIVINE Plan is a larger entity of you, then you can control the health and welfare of your All- DIVINE body---all that exists.

Welcome to the plan of oneness and unification. You are an integral part of the DIVINE Plan.

All of the questions of the universe can be answered within the human body, while the mysteries of our own bodies are discovered
among the stars.

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