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Mattie Peterson
Mattie Peterson, R.N.
Mattie is a writer and lecturer who
lives with her partner,
Michael, in Asheville, North Carolina.

Mattie Peterson is one of today's freshest inspirational writers on spirituality. A registered nurse for 22 years, her experience ranges from the neonatal ICU, geriatrics, hospital, and home health, to caring for the terminally ill. She has degrees in science, nursing and art.

Mattie now devotes her time through writings and lectures, bringing information of the Divine Plan to us. Her writings on our life's personality patterns and Divine guiding messages offers us a path to find clarity, wisdom and balance in our own lives.


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The Mission

My purpose, and for those who also choose it, is to make the world a better place in which to live and become blissful through divine contribution. Within the path of an All-Knowing force, I will seek to give many answers regarding our purpose here on earth to everyone who is searching.

The steps I have been given to guide us are:
  1. Every person has existed before this lifetime.
  2. We were once whole.
  3. We long to be whole again.
  4. All of existence is composed of energy and matter.
  5. Energy and matter combined equals life.
  6. Life is love.
  7. Love is alive and is in every aspect of existence.
  8. You are capable this moment, of communicating with every aspect of love.
  9. If you can talk to a child, you can talk to the DIVINE and every aspect of Divinity -- both are forms of love which are one and the same.
  10. No one is spared direct communion with the DIVINE, we are all composed of love, the life force, therefore we have a direct path to every aspect of creation.
  11. We are here on this earth to become more of the whole through our life's experiences.
  12. Every experience is meant to bring us joy, through discovering which is the better path for us all, as a whole loving being.
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