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Famous People's Profiles
This month's profile is Theodore Roosevelt

The Life's Personality Profiles
of Famous People

Do you have traits like Joan of Arc
or Plato?

The DIVINE personality profiles of famous people, from ancient history to modern times, reveal qualities and character traits similar to our own.


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Famous People


The traits of notable people -- power, luck, magnitude, genius, talent and drive -- assured their place in history books.

Movie stars to inventors, astronauts to royalty, saints to musicians, artists to pioneers, all possess curiously intriguing qualities that we often admire and respect. We have the same potential to reach greatness with the same identical personality traits of people who have inspired us.

During some lifetimes we are meant to help others, similar to Mother Teresa. In other lives, we can excel as a leader such as Winston Churchill or become an explorer like Columbus.

Before we are born, all of us choose several personality traits that, when combined, form our Total Personality. We all develop our own way of thinking and acting depending on the unique traits we have selected. Each of us picks seven traits to live with, one primary personality type that remains a part of us throughout all our lives on earth and "the heavens", and six personalilty traits we change each new lifetime. There is a balanced and unbalanced or excess aspect to each trait that requires our efforts to stay "in balance".

What determines whether we reach greatness or notoriety like Mother Teresa, George Washington, John Lennon, or just become a well-rounded person, is how hard we work at keeping our selected traits in balance. Recognition can come to anyone by their intellect, charisma, service, leadership, devotion, exploration, or their physical attributes alone. History can be changed and our world enhanced by someone balancing all the personality traits one has, or by using just one or two traits and talents in such a special way that celebrity status is achieved.

As with all of us, the personality traits, family dynamics, social class, race, and national origin, we pick before birth, shape and contribute to our future. What usually becomes apparent is that any ancestral history or family dynamics can lead to distinction regardless of nobility, poverty, abuse, neglect or support during one's upbringing. Magnitude occurs when we make an internal effort to be and do more with who and what we are and not to become that which we were.

Every month a new personality profile will be highlighted. Through these profiles we can compare with others and learn more about ourselves, family and society. Enjoy these wondrous and fascinating examples of how well-known people played out their lives with the character traits they chose.

Theodore RooseveltThis month's famous personality profile is Theodore Roosevelt's. Click HERE to find out more about him.

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