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Bouquet of the Personality
We live within a bouquet, but exist also as
the individual blossom.

The Creative Process of
Your Personality

We are all a part of the DIVINE universe of creation -- from the galaxy we live in to the thoughts we are capable of thinking. One part of this "Creative Process of Life" is the personality and the traits we chose to have. Within the Creative Process lie the reasons we act, think, talk and respond the way we do. Look at the Creative Process, as a circle of creation, where each of us has attributes located within areas of the circle representing different ingredients of who we are.


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The "Circle of Creation" is divided into four parts which describe not only the stages that promote the continuum of life, but also the primary areas of the personality that prompt social changes and growth. From the simple quiz that follows, you will glean the basics of the primary areas of your personality. To simplify the personality profile, find the segments of the four Orders you are mostly composed of.

You can have many of your personality traits of the Thought Order -- establishing your characteristics as one who is expressive and a starter of new ideas for the DIVINE process. The Word Order could house several character traits that assist in promoting growth and measure. The Deed Order gives us characteristics of action and reality awareness. The final Order, in the Circle of Creation, is the Gratitude Order. This Order gives you traits of balance and assisting qualities.

Energy of the Personality Orders

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